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Adult Entertainment Permit (AEP) Applications

Adult Entertainment Permit
(AEP) Applications

Obtaining a new Adult Entertainment Permit (AEP) can be amongst the most difficult, complex and controversial applications considered by the Office of Liquor & Gaming Regulation (OLGR). There is often strong community sentiment opposing Adult Entertainment Permits and the scrutiny that applies to applicants is arguably more detailed than for any other application under the Liquor Act 1992. Even when and if granted, an AEP is valid for a maximum period of 12 months, is non renewable and non transferable.

The Liquor Act 1992, Liquor Regulation 2002 and Liquor (Approval of Adult Entertainment Code) Regulation 2002 regulate the provision of sexually explicit entertainment in licensed premises within Queensland.  Whilst typically reserved for specific venues commonly known as “strip clubs” the obligation not to provide sexually explicit “adult entertainment” extends to all licensees. 

Typical breaches include bucks nights and sporting team break ups where full nudity occurs within the licensed premises, even at a private function. If you find yourself asking whether you need an Adult Entertainment Permit for a function or event, the answer is often yes and expert advice should be obtained ASAP. Time frames of at least 4 months apply even for one-off applications.

An application for an Adult Entertainment Permit can only be completed by a current licensee or permittee and must be accompanied by detailed information including:

  • An Adult Entertainment Management Plan;
  • An AEP Application Form;
  • A detailed financial structure of the business including ASIC documentation;
  • Multiple Personal Details Schedules for all company Directors, shareholders, associates including family members, promoters, owners, proposed controllers, and other parties;
  • Certified identity documents for all parties detailed above;
  • Character References for licensee applicants; and
  • Change of Controller forms and related personal details schedules as required.

All new AEP’s are subject to public advertising and objections are likely to be received in every instance.  This does not mean the application will be refused but the process is often a controversial and lengthy one with no guarantees of success.  Sound advice, site selection, community consultation and preparation of a detailed application can give you the best chance of obtaining an AEP. Preparation and lodgement of these documents and the related process currently occurs on an annual basis and ongoing approval of your AEP is not guaranteed.

RSA Liquor Professionals can assist in preparing a new AEP or any subsequent annual AEP applications if previously approved.  RSA Liquor Professionals can also assist in the transfer and new AEP process for prospective licensees wishing to purchase an existing Adult Entertainment Permit. Please call or email to discuss our competitive fees and expert services.