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Major Event Planning, Applications & Event Management

Major Event Planning,
Applications & Event Management

Major event planning has become subject to increased compliance monitoring and enforcement action in recent years and both the application process and operational compliance during an event have become increasingly complex to navigate.

OLGR has a published guideline for High-Risk Community and Commercial Public Events which may include conditions restricting glass and full-strength liquor at your event amongst other possible conditions. There are many considerations outlined in this guideline and navigating these requirements can sometimes be a difficult task. Ensuring a safe event where harm minimisation is a priority but your event remains profitable and sustainable into the future is a delicate balance. Our Director, Russell Steele, was a key drafter of this guideline when working for OLGR, and is best placed to assist you in planning your event to ensure compliance with OLGR requirements whilst ensuring a safe and profitable event wherever possible.

RSA Liquor Professionals provides on-site event day compliance management services from $500 to $1500 per day from small community events to large full day music and sports festivals. Please don’t hesitate to contact RSA Liquor Professionals for a quote and to organise our expert advice and assistance in ensuring your event is as safe and compliant as possible.

Like obtaining a new license, getting a permit for a public event or a one-off permit for an event at your licensed venue can be a complicated process where a licensee can be best served by experienced advice and assistance in ensuring the application is given the best chance of approval and subject to conditions that balance profitability and harm minimisation.

A range of one-off approvals and permits are available under the Liquor Act 1992 including:

  • Community Liquor Permits – $74.20 per day;
  • One-off Extended Hours Permits – $74.20 per day;
  • Commercial Public Event Permits – $735.30 + $74.20 per each additional day;
  • Temporary Change in Licensed Area – $74.20; and
  • Temporary variation of license – $74.20,
    • Eg:       Relaxing a noise condition for a one-off live band
    • Eg:       Removing footpath or outdoor dining conditions for a special event
  • (NB: These fees are statutory OLGR application fees)

OLGR has established processes for approval of such permits which can include event management planning documents, consultation with Police, Council, QFRS, OLGR, Security providers and other stakeholders which can be difficult to navigate for the inexperienced or unprepared. Let us take the hassle out of your hands and assist in managing the event planning and application process for you.

For as little as $200 (plus GST and outlays) for a small single day low-risk event or change to your license hours or conditions, RSA Liquor Professionals can complete the necessary forms, draft supporting documents and lodge the application with OLGR for consideration.  For a Commercial Public Event Permit requiring stakeholder meetings, event planning documentation, Police and Council comment, lodgement of forms and other requirements, RSA Liquor Professionals can assist from as little as $500 per event (plus GST and outlays).